Hopewell Youths

Welcome to Hopewell Township of Washington County, Pennsylvania!!!

Hopewell Township, Washington County is one of five townships in Pennsylvania named Hopewell. Hopewell Township is one of the first townships formed, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, on July 15, 1781. When Washington County, Pennsylvania divided into thirteen original townships – Hopewell gained its euphonious name “Hopewell” meaning pleasant sounding.

The main concentration of population in Hopewell Township is the village of Buffalo and the Borough of West Middletown, which is in the western portion of Hopewell Township.

Many famous persons either lived or visited Hopewell Township to include: James Vas Binder- Wagon maker, William Allison-Cooper, Joseph Lane – chair maker and creator of spinning wheels, James Bell – Tinner who invented the first oil burning lantern, James McElroy who organized one of the finest brass bands in history, and Andrew Ralston who invented a thresher and Robert McClure who built that thresher. Probably the most famous was Robert Fulton who created the first successful steam ship, John J. Audubon for whom the society is named and John Brown – abolitionist and raider of Harpers Ferry.

With 20.9 square miles of area, 27 miles of mostly rural roads, Hopewell Township is in the center of Marcellus Gas Exploration in Washington County.

We of Hopewell Township, Washington County, at last census, 992 souls, are a diverse group of proud persons, who call Hopewell Township HOME.

Samuel D. Perry