Q: When do the Supervisors meet and can I attend their meeting?
A: 2nd Monday of each month @ 4:30 pm. It is a public meeting all are welcome to attend.

Q: Do I need a building permit to add a room, deck, or garage?
A: Contact Zoning Officer Nancy Slider 724-345-3772

Q: What permits and licenses are required in the township?
A: Driveway Permits, Building Permits, Occupancy Permit-New Residence, AG Building Zoning Permit, Excavating/Grading Permit, Demolition Permit.

Q: Who do I contact for a stray animal?
A: Animal Control John Sheldon 412-973-0089

Q: Does Hopewell have Zoning?
A: Yes

Q: How do I obtain a Hopewell Township Zoning Ordinance Binder?
A: At the township Building at a cost of $15.00

Q: Where do I vote on Hopewell Township?
A: At the Municipal building located 20 Parkview Rd.

Q: Does Hopewell Township have a Comprehensive Plan?
A: Yes-It is called the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan for Townships of Canton, Hopewell, North Franklin, and West Middletown Borough. It was adopted by the Supervisors of Hopewell 10/14/13.