Hopewell Township has lots of country roads, great scenery, farm lands and fresh air. It is just a few minutes commute to Washington Pa or Wellsburg WV. HOPEWELL, the seventh of the list of original townships of Washington County, formed July 15, 1781, embraced at the time of its erection the territory of the present townships of Hopewell, Independence, Cross Creek, and Jefferson, and part of that of Mount Pleasant. The successive erections of the last-named four townships reduced the area of Hopewell to its present boundaries, which are, on the north, Cross Creek Township; on the northeast and east, Mount Pleasant and Canton; on the south, Buffalo; and on the west the township of Independence. The principal streams of Hopewell Township are the south branch of Cross Creek and Brush Run of Buffalo Creek, which respectively mark the northern and southern boundaries of the township. A number of smaller creeks and runs flow into these streams from the north and south, heading in the dividing ridge which extends in an easterly and westerly direction through Hopewell north of its center.

Hopewell Township has a land mass of 20.9 sq. miles and approximately 992 residents. It is a rural community located in the Western section of Washington County. The township abuts Cross Creek Lake to the north and Buffalo Creek to it southern border.